Tractus GPU Usage Monitor

View detailed GPU and CPU usage on Windows by process.

Last updated May 25, 2023

If you run Windows PCs with multiple GPUs, such as the Asus TUF series or Asus Republic of Gamers, this tool can help you troubleshoot GPU performance issues

This tool was written to help us troubleshoot dual-GPU systems and poor performance. In our experience, we have found that sometimes Windows will cause cross-GPU rendering issues which destroys performance for apps like OBS and vMix.

This application reports each second the following information:

  • CPU usage by core, including time spent in kernel threads
  • GPU utilization, broken down by engine type
  • Program-level GPU utilization

Example Scenario

In our testing, we found that if you are bringing Zoom into vMix, and both vMix and Zoom are rendering on different GPUs, there will be a performance penalty. Elevated kernel thread times are a dead giveaway of this. Same with high GPU utilization of your energy-efficient GPU.

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