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NDI Utilities
Posted on Mar 11, 2023

Here at Tractus, we’re huge fans of Network Device Interface (NDI). It allows us to set up awesome hybrid productions. For almost all our hybrid events, NDI is being used at some point.

When we’re installing a new NDI build for one of our clients or setting up on a client site, we sometimes need to troubleshoot our NDI sources. While NDI Tools have great command-line tools and the Studio Monitor can provide video quality information, sometimes we want to go a bit more under-the-hoood.

The Tractus NDI® Source Browser is a simple Windows app that will list the NDI devices detected on your network by the NDI SDK. You can also view the following details.

  • Video resolution and frame rate
  • Frame format
  • Audio channel count
  • Audio frame rate
  • Tally statuses
  • PTZ capability

Update: Check out the latest update news here.

Download the NDI Source Browser

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